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    Prosperity Space Aroma


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    Hazel Tree Perfume


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    Lughnasadh Incense


  • Moon Candle

    Moon Candle


  • Rose Water Organic

    Rose Water Organic



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October 31, 2017 AM

The leaves are falling and the life force is in obvious retreat. Nature is preparing for its winter sleep. The Sun God is dead and the Flower Goddess is mourning. But in the hidden depth of the underworld death works its alchemy of transformation. Imperceptibly it decomposes and regenerates so that the litter of leaves and debris become the fertile ground that will nourish next year's growth. The veils between the worlds are thin at this time of the year and life and death are but opposite poles of the same continuously regenerating life-force. Samhain is a time to honour the dead and to contemplate the mysteries of life, death and regeneration. It is a time to turn inwards and in the depth and silence of our souls we...


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